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Transform the way you control your pressures

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Built on a multilingual platform to serve greenhouses globally, our platform delivers predictive data, application performance and early warning threshold alerts.

Better data, better results

Let data power your IPM strategy, with real-time pest insights, trendlines, heatmaps, and alerts. Great data in real-time means you can target, treat and resolve issues faster.

Simplify IPM for everyone

IPM Scoutek simplifies the IPM process by organizing your data, managing applications, and tracking budgets. Manage the data, not the paperwork.

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  • Smart Scouting

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    Accurate and consistent data creates real time reporting so you can take action.

  • IPM Data

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    Better data gives you superior IPM results. Learn how you can predict outbreaks.

  • Tracking Applications

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    Know how well applications are working and how much they’re costing.

  • Mapping Pressures

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    See exactly where you need to focus your attention.

Tailored to your crops

Grow the best quality product!



Monitoring ornamental crops is easy with IPM Scoutek. Our platform handles all row configurations including tables, benches, multiple varietals and seasonality. Ensure healthy, quality and beautiful crops with superior data to mitigate pest and disease outbreaks and the high cost of application treatments.



Feeding the world is serious business. Reducing chemical treatments is essential to healthy vegetables, greens and fruits. The ability to track bio-control performance and budgets with IPM Scoutek ensures healthy food that is responsible, sustainable and delicious.



We proudly serve cannabis production. Our platform works perfectly with your crop configuration, cultivars and growing cycles. The depth of data ensures your IPM strategy helps you achieve high-quality and high-potency product.

What the Growers are saying...

We're helping growers in the Americas, European Union, Middle East and Australia.

Pete, Head Grower

"Our team really likes using this app. We’ve compared three apps, yours is still way ahead. What we love about your app is the fact that it is so easy to use and visually very pleasing."

Lane, Head Grower

"I appreciate how your team gives quick responses and how everyone is so receptive to feedback. Thanks for listening. BTW we really love the new features."

Tara, IPM Manager

"We’ve shared the Scoutek program, its performance results and all its capabilities with our leadership, they love it!"

Dan, IPM Consultant

"We’ve had success in getting the whole team inputting their scouting data. The data is really helping us manage the pressures, and the threshold warning system is a game changer for keeping things in check."

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