Founded in 2019 in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, our mission is to build pest management software that is perfectly aligned with how your industry manages pests and diseases. We formed deep relationships with owners, growers and farm staff to understand your challenges, how you work, and what you need. Our entire team learned how to scout, worked closely with growers, IPM managers and entomologists so that we could truly understand integrated pest management planning, strategy and requirements.

The perfect mix of technology, data and what makes our software better.

We mapped the journey from scouting to treatment effectiveness and developed software to manage the entire process. Our software delivers the data you need to successfully manage pests and diseases.

But that's not all. How people interact with software is as important as its functionality. People must love using it, and our customers do! A few of the points we constantly read in customer feedback are:

  • every screen looks great
  • it’s super user-friendly
  • it’s so easy to learn and use
  • everything is intuitive
  • the data is so well organized and on point

IPM Scoutek continues to ‘grow’ with you. Our clients share great ideas with us that find their way into the platform helping all growers everywhere. Our platform will help you create a sustainable eco-system using biological controls to restrict harmful agents that affect people, animals, and the planet. And as you grow, we grow with you, optimizing pest management and supporting crop health.

It's great to be recognized!

Excellence in agriculture. Honourable mention
Greenhouse Technology Awards

What the Growers are saying...

We're helping growers in the Americas, European Union, Middle East and Australia.

Pete, Head Grower

"Our team really likes using this app. We’ve compared three apps, yours is still way ahead. What we love about your app is the fact that it is so easy to use and visually very pleasing."

Tara, IPM Manager

"We’ve shared the Scoutek program, its performance results
and all its capabilities with our leadership, they love it!"

Lane, Head Grower

"I appreciate how your team gives quick responses and how everyone is so receptive to feedback. Thanks for listening. BTW we really love the new features."

Dan, IPM Consultant

"We’ve had success in getting the whole team inputting their scouting data. The data is really helping us manage the pressures, and the threshold warning system is a game changer for keeping things in check."

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