Save Money, Protect Crops, Track Applications

Features built for growers and scouts

Smart Scouting

The scouting app meets the expectations of scouts and growers alike. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, observations are always consistently recorded in an efficient way.

For the first time, scouts are able to see the current state of unresolved pest and disease pressures to ensure pressures are updated and nothing gets missed.

  • Works with or without WiFi
  • User friendly
  • Multi-lingual supporting all languages
  • Works on Apple and Android tablets
  • Improves scouting efficiency and data quality

IPM Data

Growers and IPM managers know that data is the key to managing pests and diseases successfully. IPM Scoutek replaces excel sheets with detailed views of pressures, trends, action threshold alerts, scouting activity, applications and more. Now you’ll have all of your data in one place and in real time so you can predict outbreaks, manage your budget and keep your crops safe.

  • Predict outbreaks early
  • Compare pest and disease pressures against action thresholds
  • Track pressures targeting specific varieties or cultivars
  • Identify pest and disease proliferation and migration
    with the heat map

Tracking Applications

Our software tracks your applications so you know how well
they are working and how much they are costing. All application documentation is saved helping you organize your documentation for audits and planning reference.

  • Application maps automatically identify treatment
    areas and total area affected
  • Auto documentation storage for reporting, audits
    and planning
  • Track your applications and make sure they are
    doing as expected
  • Keep control of your input costs

Mapping Pressures

Our mapping system virtually mimics your structure and accommodates vegetable, vertical, ornamental and cannabis styles. Every observation is plotted onto the map in real time and includes the last week scouted, type, pressure level and other scouting inputs such as notes.

  • Flexible greenhouse builder that matches your structure
  • Detailed observation maps that help you predict outbreaks
  • Mapped pressures will help you identify structural weak spots and bio-security threats
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